Different Types of Appraisal Methods

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Appraisal Methods are used today to evaluate employees in organizations today. There are many different type of methods that an organization can choose from. When deciding on which methods are used organizations must consider informational, motivational, and developmental use. Furthermore an organization must consider what is effective for them to accomplish their desire goals for the company and employee.

In today’s competitive, global environment it is important for an organization to have employee performance evaluations. One way to promote a performance level is by having a strong performance management system. When rating employee’s performance with performance appraisals is a great way the organization can measure how strongly their employees perform. When it comes to evaluating the performance of employees, an organization may use the different methods. Some methods will compare employees to one another and as a group or possible on its own merit. The method an organization chooses depends on the goal they are trying to accomplish (i.e., employee development, personnel decisions, increased productivity, etc.). This paper will talk about the purpose of performance appraisal systems and show how important it is. The next section will focus on different types of methods. Included in those sections I will discuss the important, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each and may be useful for the organization. The final will be an overview of the performance evaluations. Purposes of Performance Appraisal

It is important to have performance appraisals because it is a communications tool that may offer a potential salary increase or promotion. Also it allows the manager and employee to come together and discuss relevant issues that maybe important to the organization’s mission that the employee may impact. It also provides a perfect opportunity for the employee to be recognizing for a job well done...

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