Different Structures of Society

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Different structures of society

There are six different types of society. Hunting-gathering, pastoral, horticultural, agrarian, industrial, and post-industrial. They all have differences and similarities. The most contrasted are Hunting-gathering, industrial, and pastoral. In my essay I will explain how these three societies are different and similar.

First off, is Hunting-gathering. They tend to have small populations depending on the resources in the area they live. Their populations can vary between 10-100 or more. They are a migrant society due to seasonal resources. However there are few places they are able to settle permanently such as the pacific Northwest coast. This kind of society thrived in the Mayan era. Few are still around. They usually used hand made tools made from natural resources. Hunting-gathering societies were usually very peaceful and depended on the entire societies responsibilities to survive.

Then there are industrial societies. These are heavily populated due to their urban environments and the societies survival on technology and industry. Industrial societies have and still are continuing to evolve since the Industrial revolution. The technology is most advanced in the industrial societies because of their dependence on it. This is [possible due to industries and mass production. Quality of life varies widely from poor to upper class. It all depends on an individual’s education and line of work.

Finally are the pastoral societies. Pastoral societies usually organize in tribes, usually lead by a household incorporating extended family. Their period of historical dominance was about 7,500 years ago. Their technology was primal for lack of a better term. Domesticated animals were primary transportation like horses and such. The life style of pastoral societies was nomadic. They would have to fallow their herds to fresh water sources and feeding grounds.

These three societies have...
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