Difference Between Business Proposal and Formal Research

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The final objective of the business proposal and a formal research establishes the differences between the two studies. Business proposal has a practical orientation and is designed to find the best solution to a problem in order to generate either financial savings or greater revenue (Bazerman, M. H., & Moore, 2009). On the other hand, a formal research builds upon other comparable research to discover, demonstrate or test a hypothesis. It has no financial implications and generates a wide variety of findings that may be made applicable in a wide variety of contexts.

Business proposal defines the problem as a business decision making concern, formal research estimates the problem as a potential contribution to scholarly research. When it comes to data gathering and use, business proposal looks for available data sources to make a decision, formal research produces own data to make a discovery.

The approach for business proposal is to analyze different alternatives, for formal research is related to performing an experiment. Business proposal normally doesn’t use theoretical work ; on the other hand, formal research defines the theories that support the variable utilized in the hypothesis.

The capability of the formal research consists of contributions to the academic world and the scholarly work while capability of a business proposal is to find solutions to business problems.

Despite the many differences between business proposal and research project, there are some commonalities. One of them is that the findings in both cases may or may not be presented with headings and subheadings (Bazerman, M. H., & Moore, 2009).

Business proposal and formal research should work together. If no formal research is present , the proposal will be useless. To write a business proposal, there is a need to conduct a formal research on the market. The reason it is so important is that the viability of the business can be determined. It wouldn’t be...

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