Dieting Makes People Fat

Topics: Nutrition, Dieting, Food Pages: 3 (445 words) Published: January 14, 2015
“Dieting Makes People Fat”

Shah Zaman
Period: 5
Mrs. Greene

People try different dieting plans every day. They spend hundreds of dollars every day trying to lose weight. Throw away your meal replacements and dieting supplements. New study shows that dieting makes you fat. You’re actually spending more money dieting then eating normal meals. But this could be a really bad crash for companies that produce dieting supplements. This could also turn out bad for gyms and other workout facilities. Diets are filled with fake foods. “For example, for the same number of calories as a diet frozen dinner (but a lot more nutrients, flavor, and aroma), you can eat a generous portion of veggies stir fried in a simple vinegar-based ginger sauce, over a small bed of brown rice topped with edamame or shrimp and sliced almonds.”(Sass). Fake food is engineered and modified to enhance the foods health benefits. More than half the people that diet tend to stop or gain more weight than they try to lose. Some people who diet sometimes stops and starts again and stops. They do this because they might lose some weight and get happy with it but then lets them self’s go. A pattern like that actually makes you gain weight and lot more than your original weight. From my previous studies I leaned some people eat once a day. This means when they do eat, they eat a lot of food at once. This isn’t good for the body. Not eating all day and then eating like that makes you gain more weight. I’m Muslim, in our religion we fast for whole straight month. Meaning before the sun rises we eat and drink water till our stomach is full and we don’t eat again until the sun is going down. So in that time period we don’t eat or drink and our body becomes weak and losing nutrition. Also when your body is striving and is out of energy, body creates fat so it can use for energy. Most of the fat gets used but some stays back which can build up every day you fast. So imagine a month of...
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