Topics: Nutrition, Glycemic index, Carbohydrate Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: January 12, 2014
Diet towards a healthy lifestyle
Written by Nur Hamizah Nabihah binti Rahim
Diet can be defined as a course of food which a person restricts themselves in order to lose weight or for medical reasons. In achieving great physique and health a healthy and balanced diet is compulsory. Besides, diet reflects greatly towards personality and the way a person manages itself and usually a disciplined person is able to manage their diet well. In this modern generation, diet is used not only to achieve a healthy body but also to prevent diseases especially at an early age. Water or drinks is one of the important aspects towards a healthy lifestyle. The habit of drinking sweet and carbonated drinks should be replaced with drinking plenty of plain water. There is also another alternative to consume healthy fluid for diet such as tea which consists of green tea, black tea, or even chrysanthemum tea. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) proves that tea brings a lot of benefits to the people. Tea or specifically black tea has the ability to reduce cardiovascular risks and cancer. It also reduces blood pressure in patients with hypertension and neutralises negative effects of high fat meals on arterial blood flow. Besides, polyphenol and theanine amino acid in tea improve bone quality and strength to prevent osteoporosis and able to increase performance, attention and a person’s mood. Thus, drinking tea is better than sweet and carbonated drinks which are high in sugar and fats. Consume more green vegetables to get the perfect amount of vitamins and roughage in diet. In Malaysia , there are variety of ulam which acts as an appetizers in general and also acts as a cure in treating diseases. For example , cucumber or Cucumis Sativus is able to cure bleeding during defecation. Cucumber is rich in vitamin A, B1 ,B, and niacin. Peria or bitter melon is able to increase immune cells in our body. It is also beneficial in in reducing HIV/AIDS...
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