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I. Introduction
Context of the Study

IT for Business Management

Business Management is the process of controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing, and planning a business. It is the coordination of activities that produces an efficient and effective operation. Generally, the task of business management is to successfully attend to the matters that confront a business. The Tenancy Monitoring System will manage the business aspect of operation in Calalily Pension House , medium-scale boarding house, located in a highly urbanized city in Northern Luzon. The operations running Calalily will be automated to improve and provide better access to its activities and transactions.

Calalily Pension House, Corporation was named by the owner S&R Ines which provides an off campus residence for students and for those employed. The first building was constructed in 1990 and the second building was built 1995. Lastly the third and fourth buildings were constructed in year 2000. Calalily Pension House

Calalily Pension House

Figure 1 Geographical Map

Calalily Pension House is a boarding house with four (4) buildings and with different levels. The first building is a two (2) floor apartment which consists of six (6) units and the second building is a four (4) floor apartment which consists of ten (10) units. The third building is a six (6) floor apartment that has twelve (12) units and a conference room that is used for worship or review center, and lastly the fourth building with five (5) floors which consists of 13 units.

Manual Operation
* Reservation is written on a notebook and is checked within the said number of days on the day of reservation. * Payment details is written on a separate notebook and is being checked manually if the head tenant/transients did not paid for their rent. * Information of tenants is also listed on a separate notebook for monitoring purposes. * A log book is provided for visitors.

Proposed Automated System
The researchers are proposing a desktop application that will allow the administrator monitor and manage the tenant’s profile, bills, payments, availability of units and reservations. The administrator is the only person who can view and use the system.

Statement of the Problem
The boarding house needs to improve its operation for tenancy monitoring in order to provide outstanding services. These following issues should be given special attention and solutions as well. 1. Data Accuracy

All files and data written in the logbook can be tampered with and therefore, the data cannot be considered credible; (Please see Appendix B) 2. Lost Records
There are loads of papers that are being used to manage the records. If not organized, they can easily get lost or misplaced; 3. No Reports Generation
Due to the lost records and/or unrecorded data, the one in-charge cannot provide reliable reports and the secretary would not know the exact status of the boarding house profit.
The adoption of the tenancy monitoring system will provide a better record and sufficient data management for the entire boarding house’s operations and administrative functions.

Statement of Objectives
The main objective of this study is to be able to develop a desktop application system for Calalily Pension House. This project aims to: 1. Develop a module which will manage and secure the administrator user account. 2. Develop a module which will manage and store the data collected in a database. 3. Develop a module which will provide reliable payments and billing statements. 4. Develop a module which will accurately record the payments collected for every time period. Therefore, the secretary would know if the boarding house is gaining or losing and the reports are easily generated. 5. Develop a module that allows reservation for tenants.

Scope and Delimitations

Significance of the Study
The Tenant Monitoring will help improve the operations of Calalily Pension House,...
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