Topics: United Kingdom, Management, Nursing Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Castle Nursing Home PLC is a chain of residences for old age pensioners in the North of England and has become one of the largest nursing home companies in the United Kingdom (UK).
Castle Nursing Home has grown and re-organised significantly in the last five years that it has become extremely difficult to establish and maintain a uniform approach to operations across the organisation. The company has over two hundred nursing homes in total and has to streamline in order to maintain their quality service and reputation which has taken a ‘bit of battering’ in the press recently, stating that the organisation has become disjointed, mismanaged and lost focus around their level of care provided to their residents. Without a clear focus for the future and a significant strategic direction, Castle Nursing Home will undo all of their recent hard work and dedication of their staff and management who have worked tirelessly to get the company to where it is today. Shareholders, directors, managers and employees are aware of the great success the organisation has had in recent years but they are equally aware that it could be a case of ‘too much, too quickly’. You are the Operations Executive for Castle Nursing Home and the Director of the company recently sent you an e-mail outlining possible functional strategic plans for the next five years. As a senior member of the management team you have been asked to compile a report to outline your view of the position of the business, to help move the company forward in an efficient and effective way so as to re-establish and maintain the reputation of the company for residents, staff and shareholders alike.
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