Dhaka City

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The Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, is thought to be the world's fastest growing city.

It already has a population of 15m, and an extra 400,000 people move there every

year. This is the city where people from various places from Bangladesh come to make

their career, fulfill their desire, and make their dreams come true .For this reason the

members of Dhaka society are facing several challenges and the life style of all peoples

of Dhaka city become very hard and challenging.

The intent of the proposed study is to learn about life style of Dhaka city and what

types of problems are facing the members of Dhaka city.

The area of proposed study is confined in education ,climate , water

management , culture ,sports ,transport ,media and communications ,accommodation

,eating Out.

The objective of the proposed study is to understand the basic things of Dhaka

city's life.

Our research involves the review of annual reports of many NGOs , organization ,

media social organization etc. We choose annual reports rather than sustainability

reports for a number of reasons. By contrast, annual reports are mandatory. Second,

when we searched for the sustainability reports of the selected social organization , we

did not find the sustainability reports for all of our selected NGOs , organization,. A

number did not produce such reports. So to ensure conformity, we have used the annual

reports. Finally, annual reports have been used by many social researchers.

Based on a review of literature as noted later in this proposal, some major

hypothesis areas will guide the analysis of data.

After analysis of data the result is the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, is thought to be

the world's fastest growing city. It already has a population of 15m, and an extra 400,000

people move there every year. This has resulted in a huge construction boom and

accelerating property prices. Dhaka experiences a hot, wet and humid tropical climate.

Under the Köppen climate classification, Dhaka has a tropical savanna climate.

The city has a distinct monsoonal season, with an annual average temperature of 25 °C

(71 °F)  Increasing air and water pollution emanating from traffic congestion and

industrial waste are serious problems affecting public health and the quality of life in the


Dhaka has a water-borne sewage system, but this serves only 22% of the

population while another 30% are served with septic tanks. Only two-thirds of

households in Dhaka are served by the city water supply system. So it is difficult to live

in the Dhaka city.

Dhaka is the commercial heart of Bangladesh. The city has a growing

 middle class  population, driving the market for modern consumer and luxury

goods.  Half the workforce is employed in household and unorganised labour ,

while about 800,000 work in the textile industry .  A large segment of the population

coming from rural areas in search of employment, with most surviving on less than $5 a


Most residents of Dhaka speak Bengali, the national language. Many distinctive

Bengali dialects and regional languages such as Chittagonian and Sylheti are also spoken

by segments of the population.

Annual events and celebrations of Independence Day , vectory day ,

Bengali New Year , Ekushey Book Fair , the Muslim festivals of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid

ul-Azha and the Hindu festivals including the Durga Puja and Kali Puja feature

prominently in the city's cultural observances, events, and celebrations. .
Despite the growing popularity of music groups and rock bands, traditional folk

music remains widely popular.

Duration-27th January to 15th April.

Chowdhury Omar Sharif.

Junior lecturer of East West University , Department of English.

The life style of...
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