Development is seen as the central organizing concept of our time

Topics: Third World, First World, Country classifications Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: May 4, 2014
As a society improves and evolves there are varying conditions by which a society can be evaluated when one speaks of a society becoming developed, traditionally this development was seen purely in terms of economic development. In contemporary society however, more particularly post 1980’s development is seen as holistic development where development comprises of economic, social, political and cultural elements. Through the work of Cowen and Shenton their research has located the origin of the idea of development in the theological and philosophical debates of the 19th century Europe. Development is seen as the central organizing concept of our time and how this concept is defined depends upon the perspective of the persons doing the defining. Post development theorists such as Arturo Escobar and Gilbert Rist were very analytical in their perspectives. Whilst many are of the view that development has failed or even dead some post development thinkers suggest that it was the wrong solution for the problems facing newly independent countries of fifty years ago. Only a few viable alternative conceptualizations and designs for social change were offered in its place although the imaginary of development continues to hold. The post developmentalists suggest that not everything in the pre-development era was bad there was also as many good things taking place. Hence, most critiques of development do not call for a ‘better’ way of doing development, or even for another development. Development was not simply an instrument (apparatus) for economic control over the physical and social reality of the Third World. It is further an invention of First World that views the Third World as subordinate and so they would in turn view themselves in this light. It is mainly a result of the teachings or knowledge that is transmitted. Knowledge comes from the First World so there is a scene of false consciousness where the Third World is only programmed to think one way. Even the...
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