Developing Management Skills: What Did I Learn

Topics: Management, Want, Communication Pages: 6 (2588 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Managerial effectiveness is a crucial element in the running of any business. Being a good manager does not just mean you can meet the goals of the company, it is all about being able to manage your staff in the most proactive way you can. In this course I have read about how important verbal communication is to be a good manager, the need to be able to manage your time as a manager, and how being able to empower your employees and delegating tasks can allow a company to run smooth. Theodore Roosevelt said it best, “The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” I have gained some very important and helpful knowledge during the last 6 weeks that I hope will assist me in becoming a better manager.

To start out any successful project there needs to be clear and attainable goals to work towards. So to begin this class I set 3 goals that I wanted to achieve or become more knowledgeable about by the end of this class. It was a little heard at first due to I had not given much thought to what kind of manager I was or if there was anything that I needed to make improvements on. As I pondered what I wanted to do better I ended up settling on the following as my top three goals. First goal was to develop a better focus and ability to communicate to those around me. This is one that I can not only use in the workplace I can also carry this over into my personal life. My second goal was one that I knew I needed to be more focused on at work and that is eliminating my time stressors through better time management of my projects. I know with my job I can become overloaded with projects that all need done yesterday, so being able to learn to step back and evaluate my projects with the time I have available I hoped to find a better solution to relieving some of my stressors. My third and final goal I focused on was becoming a manager that did a better job of empowering those I manage and work with. I know that my current practice of delegating is not good because I worry about the quality of work that is being done. When I show my doubts about the work then I am not empowering my employees to feel confidence in their job. These three goals I am hoping has given me the direction I need to fine tune my management skills so I can be better at my job, which allows my employees to be better at theirs.

When I was working on my Bachelors in Business Management some 15 years ago I did a thesis paper on how important communication was in the workplace. During that time the tools to communicate was fewer and seemed to be a lot less complicated. E-mail was just in the early stages and cell phones were just used when necessary. You might think that communication was a lot simpler then, but I don't know if you could say it was simpler, but it had different challenges. Communication is still important and I have seen where the lack of it has drastically crippled projects and halted the progress of ideas.

When looking at my first goal of developing better communication I first needed to ask myself what communication means. In relation to developing communication as a manager our text book referred to it as supportive communication. The books definition is, “Supportive communication seeks to preserve or enhance a positive relationship between you and another person while still addressing a problem, giving negative feedback, or tackling a difficult issue”. (Whetten & Cameron, 2011 p. 242).

My goal of being a supportive communicator is not merely to be liked by other people or to be judged as a nice person. It is to make sure that I am able to relay the information that is needed to complete the job at hand. Our book talked about the eight attributes of a supportive communicator and I see these as a great way of highlighting quick reminders as to what my focus should be. Being congruent, not incongruent is...
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