High Performance Management

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MGMT 489 High Performance Management

Dr. BEN MAHDAVIANOffice Hours : MON-Wed 4:10 – 6:10
Phone: (323) 343-2890 (SIMP.724)Email: ben13311@sbcglobal.net Web Site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/management489

Instructor’s biography:
Dr. Ben Mahdavian holds M.B.A. degree in finance and doctorate degree in Public Administration. In his early career, he worked as Vice President of Finance for Don Baxter Laboratories. He was then promoted to the Board of Director as Chairman of the Board of Don Baxter Laboratories. He is presently working in California State University, Los Angeles in Department of Management as an Assistant Professor, and also operating his own business as Financial and Management Consultant and also practicing in the field of Accounting, Real Estate and Mortgages. Text: Quinn, R. E., Faerman, S. R., Thompson, M. P., & McGrath, M. R. (2011). Becoming Master Manager: A Competency Framework (5th Ed.). John Wiley & Sons. Materials needed: Four Scantron sheets per student; copy skills assessment form The purpose of this course is to develop a range of behavioral competencies required by managers in all types of organizations. Drawing on theoretical perspectives and research evidence for the various managerial roles in organizations, students will develop specific management skills such as giving feedback, effective listening and communicating, managing conflict, negotiation, and customer service. The course requires extensive student participation, which will include observational learning through behavioral modeling, self and other assessments, live and video-recorded individual and group demonstrations of management skills, individual and group feedback. Also, students will assess their own skills and competencies and propose strategies for improvement. The conceptual and behavioral aspects of management and leadership will be emphasized in reading assignments.

Learning Objectives
By successfully completing this course, students should
1. Understand the nature of key management competencies and skills, and the contexts in which they are critical for managerial effectiveness. 2. Observe and assess their own and others’ ability to demonstrate these competencies and skills. 3. Practice and improve their skills in speaking, listening, writing, and presenting business concepts and ideas in English, using Power Point.

Learning Activities
Most of the learning activities involve extensive student participation: live and video-recorded role playing exercises, feedback discussions, team assessments, exams, videos that demonstrate management skills and competencies, lecture/discussions, and a skills assessment report.

Class Participation and Attendance
An important aspect of MGMT 489 is active class participation, including discussions, role play and teamwork. You are expected to read the text assignments, attend all class meetings, take exams as scheduled, and complete all assignments on time. Because much of the course involves work completed during class meetings, it is imperative that you are prepared for each meeting and attend each class. Your thoughtful participation has an influence on your course grade, as well as the learning experience of your fellow class members. Attendance throughout the quarter will be noted. Absences cause a big reduction from the student’s class participation grade as well as missed assignments/points (e.g., skill assessments are not accepted late)

Team Participation
Team members are expected to actively communicate ideas, strengths, and concerns to each other throughout the quarter to ensure that each team member can learn from feedback and is aware of his or her impact on team performance.

Role Playing Exercises and Videos
Each team will practice and videotape demonstrations of management skills through role-playing exercises, though it will not be possible to videotape/review every performance. Student teams will...
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