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Topics: Advertising, Consumer protection, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Baxter Healthcare Pages: 6 (1146 words) Published: April 26, 2013
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Carlos Alberto Mattos da Rocha Junior

Task 1

Define the purposes and objectives from marketing plan.

* Points Identified from this document:
* Bounce Fitness is looking for the same or a better personal training service; * Better price than the competitors;
* High qualified staff;
* ADD ON Values;
* Corporate clients;
* Advertise in lifestyle magazines – principally at MS House; So we can define the objectives:
* To improve the company/brand image;
* Build a loyalty with the clients and new ones;
* To reduce the effect of competition and re-affirm the Bounce Fitness name in the market; 1.2
Use these to set the measurable terms for the objectives for the advertising campaign.

* The most effective to measure would be an item on the membership form for the new customers; * Analyse the attendance before and after the campaign to check the percentage variation in a daily basis.

Discuss any factors which may affect the consumer responses to the campaign including relevant legislation (such as anti-discrimination legislation, consumer protection laws, privacy laws, Trades Practices Act copyright) and the impact of each.

Factors which may affect consumer responses may include:
* age
* culture
* disability
* gender
* lifestyle
* values

Discuss the legal and ethical considerations relating to this brief and how you will manage.

Considering the Australian Legislation, the campaign need to respect the anti-discrimination act, to attract all kind of people not considering any backgrounds, beliefs, colour, religion, or any other fact. As a multi-cultural country this should be implicit on the campaign to incentive the increase of memberships. The competition law needs to be respect, don’t putting any competitor or any other venue down, the idea is elevate the level of the other company’s when they compare with me.

The legal and ethical considerations are not the focus, as we don’t want to create an association on these way. The Bounce needs to focus in all kind person that want to get healthy, fit and looking forward a better lifestyle.

The possible barriers to keep in mind or regulations to consider are: * Advertising Federation of Australia
* Australian Communications and Media Authority
* Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
* Australian Performing Right Association
* Commercial Radio Australia
* Free TV Australia
Task 2

What research resource requirements will you need for this campaign?

Considering the business as sport and fitness and the fact that the mouth-to-mouth is important but there are another ways to research: * attitude surveys
* group interviews
* interviews (face-to-face and telephone)
* observation
* panel research
* questionnaires
* retail audits (to determine brand share)
* surveys

Discuss the range of media options to be considered, starting what could be used, which you chose to use and why you made those choices.

Considering the targeted public the options are:
* billboards - third option
* cable and satellite television
* direct mail- second option
* point-of-sale - centres
* radio
* open television
* the press/ local and national papers / health and sports magazines - first option * internet adds\ banners- fourth option
The options selected are listed above as they will reach most part of the thought group. By press we will connect to the corporative world and the public in general. The direct email will be the best option to broadcast the name of our company. The billboards are a great option close to stations, suburbs and bringing some public wondering to get fit or a better lifestyle. The internet it’s the last option as the public targeted is out of...

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