Bounce Diversty

Topics: The Current, Policy, Organization, Management, Christopher Nolan / Pages: 2 (392 words) / Published: Dec 1st, 2014
1.1 Analysis of the existing policy, practices and information on the Bounce Fitness Website relating to diversity.
1.4 Access diversity policies from other organisations similar to Bounce Fitness and review for their relevance to Bounce Fitness. See attached

The following documents on the bounce website have a direct relation to diversity. (precisiongroup, 2012)
 Diversity Policy
 Work Place Harassment prevention policy
 Code of conduct
 Personal Policies
- Equal employment
- Anti –discrimination
- Parenting leave
- Military leave
- Harassment policy
 Annual Strategic Human resources Plan 20XX to 20XX
 Staff Induction Procedures
 Mission, Vision Statement along with Values
 Staff reward and recognition policy
 Bounce fitness internal communication strategy, this document suggest that bounce fitness audience is the following
Total Amount of people - 34
Composition: 26 staff, 4 managers, 3 senior managers and 1 CEO
Location: 6 in Brisbane, 14 in Cairns, 7 in Sydney, 7 in Melbourne
Working Language: English
Native Language: 28 English, 1 Spanish, 1 French, 1 Korean, 1 Italian, 2 Japanese
 Also on the Hierarchal Structures show that current staff have a mix of gender, age, race (precisiongroup, 2012)

Bounce fitness, with their current policy, is implying the importance to their company surrounding the recruitment of diversity as they are a large multinational organization. They express their vision of what they are working towards and understand the importance diversity can bring to their organization. They see the value having a diverse workforce.

Bounce fitness wants to ensure that all employees are treated equally. They are seeking to create a workforce in which all staff are supported and encouraged to work at the height of their potential Bounce fitness want to ensure that the organization, recognize all staff members regardless of their age, race, sex or religion. (precisiongroup, 2012)

After reviewing the current diversity policy

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