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Campaign Overview

The Google Challenge took part over three weeks. Istarske toplice was the company chosen to be represented. The main goal of our campaign was to attract more Google search engine users to visit the current web site which offers all the information about services, including the prices and ability of booking. Our Google AdWords campaign should fulfill their objectives and spread their popularity in the neighboring countries.

These objectives were met through regular monitoring of the AdWords account, which involved creating and editing advert content and adjusting keywords and their bidding through various product based campaigns and location based ad groups.

Of $200 assigned we have spent $184,80 producing 581 click with a high percentage rate of new visitors. At the end of the campaign the Google search CTR is resulting with 1,09%. The average CPC was $0,32 and the average CPM was $3,46. The best results from 5 ad groups provided the “Promocija imena” ad group with 348 click total, and a CTR with 1,57% and “Promocija imena (Italija, Švicarska) “ ad group with 101 click total and CTR with 2,65%.

On analysis of this campaign Istarske toplice intend to continue using Google Adwords. Recommendations include with more budget higher Avg CPC for ads that were showing below the 2nd place. Furthermore, it would be advised that they include the option to translate every page of their website into English language, especially the services which include foreign countries.


This section will discuss the success of the campaign, by referring to initial goals, strategies and operational details. It will assess the major adaptations that were implemented as well as summarising the key campaign results.

Campaign Over view

Below are our main goals along with examples of how they were achieved:

1. Attracting the younger population and other people looking for active and health vacation: specific Ad Groups were created around the main services (i.e. wellness), deep linking each advert to the relevant website page.

2. To attract more Google search engine users to visit the current web site which offers all the information about services, including the prices and ability of booking

3. Fulfill the companies objectives and spread their popularity in the neighboring countries.

Our goal before this campaign started was not only increase the reach of the advertising efforts, but also to do it efficiently. With this in mind, we pursued alternatives that brought results like 850% more visitors than usual .

The campaign ran from 1 May to 22 May and during this time we made changes to stay in line with our objectives. We used tools such as the keyword insertion tool to make ad as more relevant to the searches. As we have mentioned above, our keywords were specific to what Istarske toplice offers and in addition to our language and geographic options, made the campaign effective. The campaign ran from May 1th to May 21th 2009. The budget was divided as planned: 20$ daily maximum in first two weeks but in last week budget was $20 for each ad group because we spent just 50$ of uor entire campaign budget in first two weeks.

Our budget was limited to $200 for the three weeks. Fortunately, Istarske toplice serves a niche market and most importantly, it is the first company within this market to advertise online through paid search. This was a big factor in our low cost per click and in our overall expenditures. We spent a total of $184,80 - $15,20 less than our budget. Wee see this as a great result for our group and for the company. We can clearly already see that using Googlle ̉s Adwords is the way to go when pursuing the right goals.

Evolution of Campaign Strategy

Istarske toplice web presence and effectiveness on search engine advertising increased during the three weeks as we...
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