Determination of unknown organic compound

Topics: Functional group, Carboxylic acid, Acetic acid Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Bonifacio, Prince Zero P.Date Performed: October 00, 2014
Group No. 1Date Submitted: October 00, 2014
Experiment No. 7
Unknown: 2

Table 6.1Physical Examination
State Liquid
Odor Smells like adhesive paste
Color Pink-orange
Flammability Flammable
Table 6.2Physical Constant: Melting Point
Parameter Experimental Theoretical (From Literature)
Melting Point (oC) Trial 1 Trial 2 Average 88
88 86 86 Table 6.3Solubility Test
Sample Solubility Solubility Class
Water Ether 5% NaOH5% Na2CO3 5% HClConc. H2SO4 Unknown Sample + + + + + + Basic Compound Table 6.4Qualitative Tests for Elements
Qualitative Tests Sample Treatment Observations Inference
Test for Carbon Unknown
Liquid Sample CuO + Lime Water White precipitate formation with the Lime Water Black Residue on the test tube
Presence of Carbon
Test for Hydrogen Water vapor in the test tube
Presence of Hydrogen
Test for Oxygen Little Water + Ferrox Paper Red Solution Presence of Oxygen Test for Nitrogen Sodium- Unknown Fusion Solution Soda Lime + Red Litmus Paper No Pungent color solution Red litmus paper did not turn blue No presence of Nitrogen

Test for Halogens Beilstein Test Copper wire + Flame No Green flame No presence of Halogen Silver Nitrate Test Heat + AgNO3 No white precipitate No presence of Halogen Test for Sulfur Diluted Acetic Acid + Lead Acetate + Heat No brown precipitate formed No presence of Sulfur Table 6.5Qualitative Tests for Functional Group

Test for Alcohol: Chromic Acid Test
Sample Treatment Observation Inference
Unknown Sample 5% K2CrO7 + 5% H2SO4 + Heat No color change Not an alcohol Test for Tertiary Alcohol: Lucas Test
Sample Treatment Observation Inference
Unknown Sample Lucas Reagent No insoluble layer formed Not a tertiary alcohol Test for Phenol: Ferric Chloride Test
Sample Treatment Observation Inference
Unknown Sample Ferric Chloride + Heat No color change Maybe a phenol Test for Ketone: Iodoform Test
Sample Treatment Observation Inference...
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