Determination of Sulfate by Gravimetry

Topics: Analytical chemistry, Solubility, Nucleation Pages: 4 (1072 words) Published: August 27, 2011
Determination of Sulfate by Gravimetry

Jose Luis E. De Guzman
University of Santo Tomas, Sampaloc, Manila

The determination of the percentage of sulfate in a sample is done as an instrument of learning a quantitative method of analysis, i.e., of the gravimetric analysis. This type of analysis, which makes use of the weight of the samples was used for the experiment and required the precipitation of our analyte, SO4-2, and its filtration as a BaSO4 precipitate so as for weighing it. The weight of the SO4-2 was determined through the data gathered in the experiment, particularly from finding the weight of the BaSO4 precipitate. This was taken into the proportion of the weight sample then is converted into a percentage. From the experiment, we were able to determine high amounts of SO4-2 in the sample that we were given.

The experiment tries to determine the percent composition of Sulfate (SO4-2) in the sample. This gives us an idea of just how much of a certain element (in this case, of sulfate) is within a sample which is important since it will also give us an idea of the nature of the compound. It made use of gravimetric analysis. Gravimetric methods of analysis are based on the measurement of mass (Skoog et al 2000). Its analysis made use of producing precipitates, filtering, and weighing. On this note, certain precautions were made to ensure a valid data-set. The same analytical balance was used to weigh all samples. A low relative supersaturation was met to produce large precipitates. A supersaturated solution is an unstable solution that contains more solute than a saturated solution (Skoog et al 2000). Additionally, Nitric acid, an electrolyte, used to avoid breaking up the colloids that may be glued together with counter ions (peptization) (Professor Stephen Bialkowski … [updated 2004]). This is a rather simple experiment. Same principles go with the determination of Nickel. The quantification of such elements and compounds

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