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A Finaland Project report submitted in Partial Fulfillment of award of MMS/MBA Degree





This is to certify that Mr. HITESH NARAINI the student of MMS/MBA 2nd year of H & GHM. Institute of , Ulhasnagar ( Mumbai ) have completed their Grand Project “Role of sales promotions in FMCG” in the year 2013-2014 in partial fulfillment of Mumbai University requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration.

Director Grand Project Guide Prof. Dr. Swati Sable Prof Rajendra Sir

In this age of globalization hyper competition has become a regular feature. Today the markets are no less then battlegrounds and one has to strive very hard for survival and growth.

Due to very rapid industrialization all over the world the demand for the managerial personnel and the administrative personnel has increased. The perfect study of Management involves both the theoretical as well as practical aspects. To survive in this highly competitive market “Practical Knowledge” is as relevant as the Theoretical.

The significance of MBA Degree is that the Theoretical aspects, which a student learns throughout the year in the class sessions, can be practically applied through different projects, which one undertakes. Keeping in tune with this doctrine, we have tried to apply theoretical aspects through out the project, which we learned under the course of management.

In this project more emphasize given to the various tools of sales promotion and its impact on consumers buying decisions. Actually in recent trend to some extent this technique also become victim of clutter, even though it can be eliminated by generating innovative and more attractive tools to lure the customers.

Now a day most of the FMCG companies considering sales promotion as an important part of their marketing strategy. From the analysis of survey it becomes clear that consumers do response to the sales promotion campaign, but there are customers who strongly prefer to stick to brand name.

H & GHM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Hitesh Naraini Mumbai University
Ulhasnagar ( Mumbai )



Every study requires a guidance of someone who is working in that field. Firstly we would like to thank Director Sir Dr. swati sable for providing an opportunity of preparing a Grand Project Report and allowing us to use the resources of the institution during this project.

We are extremely thankful to our Project Guide, Prof Rajendra Sir of H&GHM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT for their precious guidance regarding the preparation of the Project Report. Their guidance has proved to be useful and without them, the preparation of this report might not have been possible.

We are also thankful to the other faculty members of H &GHM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT for extending their valuable support for this project.

We also extend our sincere thanks to the Respondents, who helped us during the course of our project and for their gracious attitude.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warm thoughts to those who helped me in making this project a wonderful experience.

Last but not the least; we would also like to thank our family for their support and encouragement....

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