Detailed Lesson Plan in English Fourth Year

Topics: Diagram, Concept, Concept map Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: June 20, 2013
S.Y. 2013-2014 (FIRST GRADING)

I. Learning Objectives
After a thorough lecture, 85 percent of the students are expected to: 1.1 Define a concept map,
1.2 Draw out the relationship of a particular concept or idea to any other words 1.3 Organize the gathered pool of words to make a concept map II. Learning Lessons
2.1 Concept Mapping
III. Learning Tools
Manila paper
IV. Teaching and Learning Processes
Teacher’s Activity| Student’s Activity|
-Good morning, class!-What does the manila paper contain? What do we call them?-Specifically, what do we call them?-It starts with letter C…then O… then N…-Very well said… They are concept maps. Class, what are they then?-Yes, you’re right. Is there another idea?-That’s right. They have lots of forms. Kindly read class to know them better.- These are distinguished by their different format for representing information. The "spider" concept map is organized by placing the central theme or unifying factor in the center of the map. Outwardly radiating sub-themes surround the center of the map. The hierarchy concept map presents information in a descending order of importance. The most important information is placed on the top. Distinguishing factors determine the placement of the information. The flowchart concept map organizes information in a linear format. The systems concept map organizes information in a format which is similar to a flowchart with the addition of 'INPUTS' and 'OUTPUTS'. Do you understand class?-Since you already understood what concept map is, the class is to be divided into three groups. You must be able to draw out related words to the picked concept of your group, give its characteristics, significance, advantage or disadvantages and others; and draw a concept map organizing the ideas present. Are there any questions?-You are given only fifteen minutes to complete the whole task class so divide well the task to each member. Your time...
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