Concept Mapping in Social Science

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Concept Mapping in Social Science
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Meaning and Purpose of Concept Mapping
1.3 Characteristics of Concept Mapping
1.4 Types of Concept mapping
1.5Steps for Designing Concept Mapping in Social Science
1.6Considerations for Good Concept Map
1.7 Steps for Implementing CMap in Social Science
1.8 Evaluation of Concept Map
1.9 Let’s Sum Up
1.10 Unit End Exercise
1.11 Suggested Reading


This unit would basically briefly describe the meaning and purpose of concept mapping. . This unit will elaborate different characteristics and types of concept mapping particularly in teaching of social science. Further this unit will explain steps of concept mapping. Subsequently unit will reflect over different consideration for concept mapping. 1.1 OBJECTIVES

After going through this unit you would be able to:
describe the meaning and purpose of concept mapping;
explain the characteristics of concept mapping;
identify different types of Concept Mapping;
illustrate the procedures for designing and implementing the concept mapping strategies while teaching social science; and •appreciate the usefulness of CM as teaching strategies for developing clear understanding in difficult concepts of social science.


A concept map is a visual representation of concepts and the relationships between them; concepts are usually enclosed in some sort of box and a connecting line (links) between concepts indicates the relationships between them. The links can be one-way, two-way, or non-directional. Cross-links indicate relationships between concepts in different parts of the concept map and they often represent creative leaps on part of the knowledge producer (Novak). Concept maps are, thus, a visual representation of conceptual understanding that can be described as the richness of interconnections and relationships made between concepts and the structure that organizes those concepts (Novak and Gowin 1984 in Taricani 2000). The visual format of information organized and represented in a concept map allows the students to gain an overview of how historical, social, political, and economic influenced the life styles of human being in general.

Figure 1. A concept map showing the key features of concept maps. Concept maps tend to be read progressing from the top downward.

Figure-2. Example of Concept Map on Sepoy Mutiney-1857

After knowing the generic meaning of concept mapping you might be curious to know how this technique will help in teaching learning process. Let’s discuss this:

A concept map helps your students to organize and represent knowledge of a subject when created correctly and thoroughly.

It is a powerful way for your students to reach high levels of cognitive performance. Concept maps are useful learning technique for students with different learning styles. The creative and analytical aspects of concept maps allow students to express their understanding in ways that are meaningful to them.

As a teaching technique, concept maps helps you to illustrate how knowledge is constructed and structured by showing the connections among key course as a visual graphic for helping learners understand the relationship among a large number of related concrete concepts.

A concept map is also not just a learning tool, but an ideal evaluation tool for you. You can use it in assessing the performance of your students at the end of a unit/chapter. As students create concept maps, they reiterate ideas using their own words and help identify incorrect ideas and concepts; in that situation you will be able to see what students do not understand, providing an accurate, objective way to evaluate areas in which students do not yet grasp concepts fully. 1.3...
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