Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

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Marketing Communications. Are the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers –directly or indirectly- about the products and brands they sell. In a sense, marketing communications represent the “voice” of the company and its brands and are a means by which it can establish a dialogue and build relationships with consumers.

Marketing communications mix. Consist of 8 mayor modes of communications: 1. Advertising. Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identifies sponsor 2. Sales promotion. A variety of short-term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a product or service 3. Events and experiences. Company sponsored activities and programs designed to create daily or special brand-related interactions. 4. Public relations and publicity. A variety of programs designed to promote of protect a company’s image or its individual products. 5. Direct marketing. Use of mail, telephone, fax, e-mail or Internet to communicate directly with or solicit response or dialogue from specific customers and prospects. 6. Interactive marketing. Online activities and programs designed to engage customers or prospects and directly or indirectly raise awareness, improve image, or elicit sales of products and services. 7. Word-of-mouth marketing. People-to-people oral, written or electronic communications that relate to the merits or experiences of purchasing or using products or services. 8. Personal selling. Face-to-face interaction with one or more prospective purchasers for the purpose of making presentations, answering questions, and procuring orders.

Marketing communication effects. The manner in which brand associations are formed does not matter. In other words, if a consumer has an equally strong, favorable and unique brand association of Subaru with the concepts “outdoors”,”active”, and “rugged”, because of exposure to a TV ad that shows the car driving over rugged terrain at different times of the year, or because of the fact that Subaru sponsors ski, kayak, and mountain bike events, the impact in terms of Subaru’s brand equity should be identical.


Macromodel of the communications process. Consists of 9 elements: two represents the major parties in a communications: sender and receiver. Two represents the mayour communication tools: message and media. Four represent major communications functions: encoding, decoding, response and feedback. The last element in the system is noise (random and competing messages that may interfere with the intended communication).

Micromodel of consumer responses. Micromodels of marketing communications concentrate of consumers’ specific responses to communications.

Hierarchy of effects model:
* Awareness. If most of the target audience is unaware of the object, the communicator’s task is to build awareness. * Knowledge. The target audience might have brand awareness but not know much more. * Liking. If target members know the brand, how do they feel about it? * Preference. The target audience might like the product but not prefer it to others. * Conviction. A target audience might presser a particular product but not develop a conviction about buying it. * Purchase. Finally, some members of the target audience might have conviction but not quite get around to making the purchase.


Identify the Target Audience. The process must start with a clear target audience in mind: potential buyers of the company’s products, current users, deciders, or influencers; individuals, groups, particular publics, or the general public. The target audience is a critical influence on the communicator’s decesions about what to say, how, when, where and to whom.

Determine the Communications Objectives:
1. Category Need....
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