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The two campaigns I will I will be using to describe how they have manipulated the promotional mix are Virgin Media and Tesco, looking at how they balance out the 6 aspects to find the correct correlation between them to help push their organisation forward in terms on promoting their products and services, nevertheless this does not mean that any of the organisations have to use all 6 of the promotional mix methods to find what’s best for them. The 6 promotional mix methods are:

1.Advertising- this is when an organisation uses a monetary method of non-personal presentation to help get their ideas of goods and services to the public/target audience, this is usually done with the help of an identified sponsor 2.PR (Public relations) - this is when an organisation normally uses a famous person or icon to help keep at theme going to help build up a relationship and intrigue the public. 3.Sales promotions- sales promotions are when an organisation uses things such as deals such as BOGOF (buy one get one free) 4.Direct Marketing- this when an organisation targets and individual and adapts to that individual to promote their product or service usually done through the phone or email. 5.Sponsorship- sponsorship is when an organisation pays to be associated with something else such as an event; this is good for them as it raises their brand awareness. 6.Personal selling- personal selling is when an organisation is trying to sell on particular product or service to one individual.

Promotional Mix
Virgin media do use advertising as they pay to me promoted in a lot of places such as the TV, internet and on the street on billboards for example. The TV advert that Virgin Media produced personally I think its effective as it features Usain Bolt racing this relates to speed as he is the fastest man in the world and this is the point that Virgin are trying to stress with their impressive broadband speeds. This increases their brand awareness, product knowledge and...
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