Designing and Implementing a Hospital Database Management System.

Topics: Microsoft SQL Server, Patient, Relational model Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: February 23, 2012

1.0 Introduction to the project description

This project identifies with the system operating in a hospital environment. It looks into how patients’ records are being managed in most Nigerian hospitals. It considers St. Andrews Hospital Lagos as a case study. It looks into the problems occurring within the hospital especially as it pertain to managing patients’ record, diagnosis, prescription details etc. Solution is offered to overcome these problems using hospital management system software.

This report outlines the design of the hospital management system and the implementation which involves Microsoft SQL server 2005 database and a graphic user interface designed with Visual Basic. It also includes the evaluation of the system. Relevant sources of information which helped build the knowledge base for this project is also briefly discussed. Appendixes for screen shots of the evaluation are also included at the end of the project report.

Nature and context of the problem


In Nigeria, for a patient to use a hospital, the conventional method goes thus: The patient makes enquiry (and if he/she is a first time comer), obtains registration card from the receptionist who takes the patient’s personal and bio data in a hospital card so that the hospital could have the basic information of the patient. After this is done, the patient takes his turn for consultation with the doctor. If the patient already has a registration card, he presents this to the receptionist who searches for the patient’s file by a supposedly unique identification number written on the patient’s copy of the registration card. When the patient’s file is found, s/he takes turn to see the doctor. Should in case the patient could not present his/her registration card, this means that the receptionist would have to search the whole record (heaps of files) to get the patient’s file. Even though they try to organize files in alphabetic order of names, this is...
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