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Electronic Medical Records and Safety Paper
Lisa Graham
June 23, 2013
Maggie Shurwood

Electronic Medical Records and Safety Paper
In today’s society, more frequently than ever when it comes to suing medical records hospitals are using them rather than using paper medical records. Electronic medical record have several things that enhance the quality, efficiency and safety of patients like the knowledge an provision and decision-support systems which leads to the final support for efficient processes for health care delivery (unknown, 2010). This automations and computerized process is able to capture, retrieve and store present clinical data. Using electronic medical records is a way to make patients records easier to retain and is beside the nurses’ station. In addition to this electronic medical records are also organized and legible. They can make the operation of the medical records department more enhancing with things like abstracting, coding, and noting chart deficiencies and correspondence. With this process, it helps the facilities with the billing process and help with tracing and detailing information more quickly and efficiently. (Snook, 2004). Electronic medical records acquire eight more functions. They are result management, decision support, health information and data, order management, patient support, reporting, electronic communication and connectivity, and administrative processes. Compared to the based medical records the use of electronic medical records has replaced them. It also has the capability for structuring, streamlining, and automating clinical workflow. For a wide range of care activities electronic medical records provide integrated support that includes referrals of labatory and radiology. In addition to maintaining data and also keeping information trails that will be ready for adults, as well as research and other information that needs to be investigated. The use of electronic medical records can also help...
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