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Topics: Charles Darwin, Natural selection, Evolution Pages: 5 (1675 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Final year design report
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Research & Development
The theme of my final year project is “Line of the body”. Once, I saw Comme des Garcons 2012 RTW F/W in a fashion magazine. Their 2012 series that has a creative and stereoscopic cutting which lure my attention. It prompted me to think how can a design stand out human body shape.

Firstly, I started to do some research in the Internet about humans’ body shape. Then I developed my theme idea mainly from the research on human body structure, the theory of evolution, hominid and the mean of clothing. Secondly, I started to draw some sketches to help me to think widely. I drew some sketches that like plankton, cells and microorganisms that showed how it would be when a body has no shape. I am interested in this strange shape and got some of inspiration for my outfit. Moreover, in my research, human evolution is one of the most hotly debated areas of biology. An evolutionary split at between 6-8 million years ago is believed made Hominids came into being when our ancestors finally parted company with the apes,. We developed from Gibbon, Orangutan, Chimpanzee, Gorilla and lastly become a human. In different stages of human evolution, the body figure and shape got different degree of change. Furthermore, human body shape is a complex formation with sophisticated details and functions. The skeletal structure as well as the distribution of muscles and fat defines the general shape or figure of a person. Human change in different stages in evolution physically inspires me about the shape of my outfit. Evolution is a gradual process of chemical and physical change that began even before fully-fledged life appeared, and that still continues now. It has left its imprint in everything that is or was once alive, including our distant ancestors and ourselves, it is responsible for the way we look, the way we reproduce, and some would argue-even the way we behave. In the early period in evolution, Gibbon and Orangutan have strong muscle with bushy hair. Evolution is believed to occur since there are needs for improvement for enhancement of living standard. For example, Gibbon use four foots to walk and nowadays we use two foots to walk. So there were changes in body structure and curve in order to match up our need. From then on I think body curve and structure is just so amazing. Besides the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin’s theory on natural selection also go a long way toward helping me to develop my ideas on my design. Bones coordinate with muscles let human being move , walk and even run. Bones and muscles give us a body shape. This close relationship can related to the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin is one of the most well known scientists of the 19th century; his theories are still important and even today the subject of continuing debate. He is chiefly remembered for his theory of natural selection (theory that natural processes cause the survival of living things best suited to their environment) Darwin’s transmutation theory believe that all animals had evolved from a common ancestor over a long period of time, because the world had changed a great deal during this time living things had to change in other to survive. At above we can see Evolution is biology’s big idea. Ushered into life nearly 150 years ago, it is more relevant than ever in today’s changing world. In my viewpoint and base on the evolution and natural selection theory, I think human body will continue to change in the future. Unluckily, I think there are many threats on human being in the future such as huge natural disasters and serious diseases. Also, the enhancement of living standard may lead human being to become consumerism and hedonism. Human no longer concern their health since they think money can solve any health problem. Genetic variation may also occur in human body that our bodied may inflate and veins and bones may expose. In conclusion,...
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