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Design Enterprise-Level Business System Paper – University of Phoenix

Enterprise-level Information System Design Method
There are many design methods in which one would prefer in developing an enterprise level information system. The one of choosing which seemed more reliable would be a simple survey. When using a survey users should be careful about wording the questions. Fewer complexes in how users are wording the questions, using simple words. Another method to consider is interviews. This method does lead to a problem and that is time allotted to get true and accurate results. Another problem with the interview method is users will tell you what they think you want to hear, or just basically tell you how they believe it should be done.

Recommended Business Process Mapping Methods
In business process mapping there are several tools that could be used to gather information in the analysis stage. There are several tools to use, those are but not limited to Microsoft Visio, BPwin, Erwin, object oriented diagram, entity relationship diagram (ERD), flow charts and Hieratical process flow diagram. My preference of program or method would be Microsoft Visio or flow charts. They are the best in defining how a process flows what controls a process.

Recommendation in Documenting the Design
The business process mapping tools recommended in documenting the design are the discovery map and process diagram. The Discovery map is a high level map which helps defines the scope, team members. The process diagram details where information is organized. It documents the current state of process in detail. To better understand users should identify single instances of more recent and can also be later modified to shows exceptions that may occur.

Functional Requirements Human Interface Design
The program is a graphical interface environment, which comes in many different types of programs in many different languages. The graphical interface environment allows...
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