Desert Activities

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Desert – the people of Israel:
First Peula:
* A short introduction for the first day in the desert.
1. Performance: American teenager/someone leaving Egypt? (10 min.) The counselor is dressed in a combination of clothes resembling an American teenager and someone who had just left Egypt. "OMG, it's so hot here, where am I anyway? Yuck, I hate sand!" *ask who the counselor is. When responded – and American teenager…* "I barely had time to take food, these clothes aren't mine. I'm glad whoever was chasing me is now gone, but my shoes are still wet from the sea…" A little bit of back-round:

*Show cards with the different events that occurred in the desert* The people of Israel left Egypt, witnessed the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea, later on got the Torah at mount Sinai, and then walked the desert for 40 years until every person of this generation who has sinned dies, and a new, pure generation will enter the Land of Israel. 40 years go by and they enter the Land of Israel only to start conquering the land. 2. Maps: (10 min.)

*Show them a map portraying the original route they were supposed to take from Egypt to Israel before the sin of the spies/create a map in the sand/human map – one kid is Israel (standing on one leg etc.) and one kid is Egypt…*

Q. The original route that God had planned for the Israelites is very long, even before he made it longer after the spies' sin. Can you think of a reason God would make the route so long? *Any answer is acceptable, the counselor does not answer the question.*

Conclude: over the next few days we will try to understand why god chose such a long path for the Israelites, if there is any specific reason. Throughout their time in the desert the Israelites go through some process. What process is this? What happens in 40 years?

Why walk for 40 years and not sit put in one place? What is the purpose of walking? Why are we going to be the desert for 3-4 days?
*We want to go through the same process as the Israelites went through. 3 days is 40 years of our summer.

Second Peula:
1. Complaints in the desert:
Q. How are you doing? What are your complaints?
*focus on complaints such as: it's hot, the up hills are steep, the water is warm, it's freezing during the night, I need to sleep on rocks etc.* 2. Counselor: "I feel as though I've already heard these complaints before. Where have I heard them?" "וילינו כל עדת בני ישראל על משה ועל אהרון במדבר. ויאמרו אליהם בני ישראל מי ייתן מותנו במדבר ביד ה' בארץ מצרים בשבתנו על סיר הבשר באכלנו לחם לשבע כי הוצאתם אותנו אל המדבר הזה להמית את על הקהל הזה ברעב..." (ספר שמות פרק ט"ז פסוק 2) Q. What are the Israelites saying? What are they complaining about? What are they angry at Moses and Aaron? A. They're angry because it is difficult for them in the desert, just as it had been difficult for you guys over the past view days. It is so difficult that they actually miss Egypt! All they can remember is that they had food and rest. They don't remember that they were slaves and that they lead a miserable life. 3. Divide the group into smaller groups. Each group is traveling in the desert and encounters a different problem, let's see how they handle it. * use pages with problems (printed)

4. Every group presents their solution to the problem they encountered. How did they solve it? Did they get any help from anyone? Did they learn anything about one another? 5. Conclude: what is it about the desert that gets us to work together? The difficulties and challenges that we face in the desert require us to work together in order to survive and even enjoy ourselves. We help one another up steep hills, we cook and clean together, sleep close together to keep warm, share the weight of our baggage and so on. Just as the people of Israel walked here for 40 years, so did we. Maybe that's why God chose this long path we saw on the map. Maybe the point was that when the Israelites walked into the Land of Israel they would not...
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