Descriptive Essay

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Jessica J. Sobá Dávila
Mrs. Tecun English 101
Descriptive Essay: My Ideal Place to Live
As the years pass, I plan on how I want my future to be; I think about what kind of job I would have, if I would have a family of my own, but most importantly my ideal place to live. My ideal place to live unbelievably would be in the woods with nature. Most people would think I am crazy and might not even believe it but I love the nature. I first realized that the woods would be my ideal place to live when I went camping for the first time at Mashamoquet Brook State Park. The scenes, peacefulness, and things to do there made me fall in love with nature. When I am in the woods, I can see all the tall and big, some skinny trees looking down at me from above. I enjoy all the beautiful shades of green from the darkest to the lightest covering the tops of those trees. I like that when I look up I can see the birds looking down and if I am lucky; I get to hear them sing. I love the types of trails that when I stay still and look around everything seems too look the same a few rocks along the way, leaves and twigs covering the place and if I am not careful, I can lose my way. The night is the most gorgeous place because I get to see the stars and the clear moon shine bright. In the woods, the wind hits the leaves and some nights even the wolves howl. Living out there gives me privacy. In the morning, I get to wake up to the sound of the birds chirping and the touch of the cool morning breeze. It is strange but I like the smell of the moist ground after it rains and the firewood-burning going through my nose. In the woods, I can go bird watching and discover what kinds of beautiful animals exist in my area. I enjoy hiking; of course, with water I learned my lesson once. Going out to look for firewood to stay warm at night and making s’mores is my favorite thing to do. Just by watching that big white fluffy marshmallow melt on the stick while holding the graham...
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