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Topics: Food, Olfaction, Eating Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: November 4, 2008
5 Senses Effects Food

Food is not a want it is a necessity. However, in today’s society we have evolved beyond eating to survive and progressed to eating for pleasure. We no longer limit ourselves to family meals at home. Instead the majority of the population tends to enjoy gathering family and friends and going out for a dining experience. When dining out, the food itself is not the only factor to determining whether or not the meal was pleasing. The atmosphere, the visual, the taste, and the smell have all become key components in deciding whether or not a mean out is enjoyable. With these things in mind, on a rain Saturday afternoon two of my friends accompanied me to the casual dining restaurant, Applebee’s. I was there for one simple reason and for one simple mission, and that was to evaluate how Applebee’s smell, taste, and visual surroundings effected my meal.
If one were to venture hungrily into an eating establishment and were greeted by an unpleasant smell, such as molding rotten eggs, your stomach would churn. Regardless of my location or my reason for being there, the first thing I notice is the smell. If an unpleasant odor ventures it’s way into my nose my immediate reaction is to flee the premises. Thankfully, when I opened the heavy oak doors and stepped into the restaurant my nose was instantly filled with the smell of a sizzling steak as a young waiter whisked past me carrying it in his palm. After our hostess had seated us in a squishy booth that reminded me of beanbag, I took note of the raw smell of Applebee’s. The best and most accurate way to describe it would be to parallel it to the smell of my grandmother’s kitchen. My grandmother is quite secretive in what she puts in her recipes so when you walk into her kitchen you are greeted by an assortment of smells. Freshly rising bread sitting cozily in the oven, an essence of Italy captured in a pot...
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