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Evaluation Essay: Applebee’s
Recently some friends and I had lunch together and we went to no other place than Applebee’s, which is my favorite restaurant to dine at. Applebee’s is a well-known mid-priced casual restaurant that offers a wide variety of different foods to eat. I love the experience of dining at Applebee’s because the atmosphere is welcoming, the food is excellent, and the service is friendly. Applebee’s is a restaurant where you can get pretty much whatever you have a taste for. Lunch with my friends a couple weeks ago proved to me that Applebee’s lives up to the expectations of its guests.

The casual attire of Applebee’s made me feel relaxed like I was having dinner at home, it’s not too fancy but if you wanted to, you could dress up. They have the football game playing for all the people who wants to sit at the bar, get a couple of drinks and watch it. The décor on the wall represents all the high schools and their football, baseball, or basketball teams which I think was a great idea and see that they care about these schools, these kids, and the hard work they put into the sport they fell in love with. Pulling into the parking lot, everything on the outside is clean. And they have their balcony which is another place for people to eat decorated beautifully with lights going around the railing and the tables and chairs are put in a very organized manner so that whoever does sit out there doesn’t feel too closed in or too close to another guest. I found the restaurant overall very clean and maintained, despite the little bit of trash underneath tables from people dropping stuff and leaving it there. Walking into the restaurant, the first words you hear are “Welcome to Applebee’s” from the host with a big smile on their face. That shows me that they are glad to see you and ready to serve you. They take us to our seats and let us know that our waiter will be with us in a few minutes. Our waitress comes excited and glad to see us, states her...
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