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Topics: Smoking, Alcoholic beverage, Cigarette Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: December 4, 2012

As we all know, smoking is no longer allowed in indoor areas in our country. If you are a smoker, most probably you do not like this ban, because you need to go out or go to the available smoking areas in cafes or bars. I am also a smoker but I am strongly opposed to smoking in indoor areas. Firstly, many smokers say this smoking ban is pointless. They also add that if you are not allowed to smoke in a bar or nightclub, where can you do it? This idea is completely wrong. Because some people are non-smokers but they are pretty good at drinking alcoholic drinks. You are going to a bar with your friends to grab a bottle of beer and if you are not a smoker you do not have to inhale another person’s cigarette smoke. Furthermore, research proved that breathing cigarette smoke kills your appetite. So, when you are in a restaurant if you have to breathe another person’s cigarette smoke beside you instead of delicious meal fragrances, it affects you negatively and you can not enjoy your meal. Therefore, smoking ban in restaurants is a good policy in my opinion. On the other hand, if you stay in an indoor space where people smoke, a little bit later you realize that your clothes and your hair (if you have a long one) smells awful. Especially, women are so sensitive about it, because they ever never want to smell bad. That’s why no one has to smell bad as long as anybody does not smoke in indoor areas. In conclusion, if you want to smoke and kill yourself, do it! But, please do not pollute my indoor air and affect me negatively! Firmly, I support the smoking ban in indoor areas.
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