Description of My Room

Topics: Blue, Color, Lighting Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Well, there is not much to say about my small (7 m2) room. When you go in, first what is visible is a big window and the nice scenery outside with many trees and a kindergarten full of children during spring and summer. You could feel the calming atmosphere of this small space because of the light blue colour, that reminds of light blue sky , which is quite relaxing. On the ceiling there are phosphorescent stars and the moon , so at night it is even more psychodelic. There is a nice, white big table on the left which is coverd with dark blue (I would say even garnet) top, on which I put my laptop and xerox copies from the College. Under the table there is a small corner cupboard where I keep some old papers, which probably I will never read again… There is as well a stacking hi-fi which goes loud many times during a day. I also have garnet paper box when there are clean sheets of paper. There is also a desk lamp with pencils and pens put in (a special construction of the lamp allows that) Above the table there is a bookshelf mainly with books connected with yoga and healthy lifestyle as well as an English dictionary. In the left corner of the room there is a huge Pink Panther which is hanging from the walls in a funny posture. On the ledge (which is in front of the door) there is a small plant (I don’t know a name). On the right side of the room there is a a foldable bed plus shelves unit. It’s huge and white, but very handy in such a small room like this. On this piece, there are two ferns andone statue of Lao Tze – who was a famous Chinese philosopher. Above that bed there is a huge painting, hanging on the wall, in blue and white colours, with a woman from fantasy world – she looks like a beautiful elf. The floor is covered with nice woodblock and under the ledge lays a yoga mat and the blanket which I use for exercising my body, breath and mind. And this is all which I have in my small cosy room in Rubinkowo II.
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