Describe Operation of Retail Store - a Convenient Store

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Supply chain management terms Pages: 2 (331 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Describe operation of retail store (a convenient store or pharmacy). 1) What are the process steps?
2) What are the main inputs?
3) What are the main outputs?
4) How customer judges quality of the store? Why these important? 5) How can technology be used to improve performance?
Inputs| Operation Process(convenient store)| Outputs|
Manpower| Plan the strategic locations| Goods|
Seller| Plan the consumer needs| Drinks|
Cashier| Purchase orders to fill inventory| Food|
Managers| Manager and control inventory| 24/24 open|
Cleaner| Manager manpower| Good locations|
Organizer| Manage customer needs| Reasonable prices|
Inventory| Store inventory| Clean|
Goods| Supply chain management| Good shape|
Drinks| Fill shelves| Customer needs Availability|
Food| Maintain machines| Any time|
Newspapers| | |
Technology/Equipments| | |
Cashier machine| | |
Tea/Coffee makers| | |
Refrigerators| | |
cupboards| | |
Shelves| | |
Information| | |

4) Customers want to have all what they need available at any time, near of them, clean place, reasonable price, well organized in different levels. If the customer found what they want near of their location at any time, this is the most important which makes them satisfied. If the customer found that the store is closed or out of service at the time they got there, the seller is not presented or busy on something else, they will get abuse and dissatisfied. If the customer do not find what they need or the location is faraway, may they will not go to buy. Another level of importance is the price and the quality of the product which comes in a lower level.

5) Technology can be used by implementing a cashier machine to decrease the transaction time and reducer the errors and human mistakes. An information system can be implemented to manage the manpower shifts attendance and evaluation, inventory and supply chain...
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