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Depression Method

By otoolekarrie Oct 21, 2012 257 Words
There are many ways a researcher could study depression using the descriptive method. The researcher can start with case study; studying e an individual’s who has been diagnosed with a depression disorder. This way they could learn new things through this person’s actions. Moving on to the naturalistic observation to study a group of people with the same disorder. This study would be at natural as they could possibly make it. This would show them the different affect of depression on individuals.

The correlation method can be used to study depression and exercise by studding people with depression who exercise and individuals who do not exercise. This will allow them to see the effect of exercise on depression. If I were to conduct an experiment that was to show the effect of exercise on individuals with a depression disorder I would use a group of 50 people with depression who never exercise. I would have half of them continue their daily routine. The other half would make the other half exercise on the regular for at least 30 minutes a day five times a week. I would keep chart showing the change in the experimental group which are the individuals who are exercising. I would keep a separate chart on my control group which is the ones who have made no change. My dependent variable would be the change in depression and my independent variable would be the individuals exercise. The best way to determine causality is threw experiments. Experiments allow you to see the effects.

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