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BIOL 120


A biome is a major complex of similar communities. It is the largest ecological unit we recognize. Different books vary in the number of biomes they list. Temperature and precipitation are the two key factors that determine the different type biomes. Some books consider marine ecosystems and freshwater systems as biomes. Others break out wetlands as a biome.

We will look at 10 terrestrial biomes:
1. Tundra (Arctic and alpine)
2. Boreal forest or taiga
3. Temperate deciduous forest
4. Scrub forest called chaparral in California)
5. Tropical thorn scrub and woodland (Dry forest)
6. Savanna
7. Temperate grassland
8. Desert (cold and hot)
9. Tropical Rainforest
10. Temperate Rainforest

Climatograph for various world biomes.


For each of the following TEN terrestrial biomes list THREE species/types of plants, THREE species/types of animals and details of climate (temperature and precipitation; also, whether there are seasons). Use the video resources on Blackboard, your textbook and the Internet to research this information.

Tundra (Arctic and alpine)

Boreal forest or taiga

Temperate deciduous forest

Scrub forest called chaparral in California)

Tropical thorn scrub and woodland (Dry forest)


Temperate grassland

Desert (cold and hot)

Tropical Rainforest

Temperate Rainforest

Answer the following questions about biomes:

1. What attributes are used to define biomes?

2. Which is the coldest biome?

3. Which is the largest TERRESTRIAL biome?

4. What key characteristic defines the desert biome?

5. Which biome gets the most precipitation?

6. Which biome gets the SECOND most precipitation?

7. The tropical rainforest is located between which two Tropics?

8. The changing season is best viewed in which biome?

9. Which...
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