Denver International Airport

Topics: United Airlines, Denver International Airport, World's busiest airports by passenger traffic Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: February 24, 2013

Denver International Airport: Uncovered

When asked about your experience at the airport most would reply by saying “It is dull and boring” or “a tortuous large amount of time spent waiting”. However, words used to describe the Denver International Airport are much different. As you drive up to the grand entrance of the 4.8 billion dollar Denver International Airport you are hauntingly greeted by “the Mustang”. Created by Luis Jimenez from New Mexico, the Mustang was the first piece of public art to be created for the Denver International Airport in 1993. During the day the giant blue stallion would appear to seem like a huge toy horse however when night strikes at the Denver International Airport the Mustang is referred to as the “Blucifer” or “Satan’s Stallion”. You look upon what would seem to be a mysterious piece of art to now a raging stallion with glowing red eyes for everyone to see. Upon construction of the Mustang, the artist, Jimenez was reportedly killed by his own creation. During construction of the beast Jimenez’s leg artery was severely punctured by the head of the Mustang leaving Jimenez bleeding to death. After the bizarre death of the artist many have said that the Mustang is a curse; the controversial piece of art has also been said to be a modern representation of the “Pale horse of the Apocalypse” which is the fourth horse in the book of Revelations in the Bible, and is more appropriately called: death. And maybe this signal of fiery red and deep blue is the starting point for the conspiracy that consumes the Denver International Airport. For many a trip through the airport is rushed and usually does not consist of time to take in ones surroundings, but the surroundings in DIA have a deathly way of grabbing you in. Many murals around spaced through out the main floors of DIA, these murals created by famous artist Leo Tanguma were reportedly costing over 100,000 dollars and the images were supposed to portray the idea of...
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