Dia Conspiracy Theory

Topics: Denver International Airport, United Airlines, Runway Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: April 5, 2013
SPCM 200, sect. 63
Denver International Conspiracy Theory
By Kali Holler

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about the Denver International Airport conspiracy theory.

Thesis Statement: Denver International Airport has many serious and questionable characteristics to it: It is the subject of many unexplainable symbols, images, and stories inside and outside of the airport.

Pattern of Organization: Topical


I. [Attention-Getter] Picture yourself in a place that once had murals portraying destruction and catastrophe, a system of an underground city, inexplicable construction and excavation, and runways formed in the shape of a swastika. II. [Reveal topic and relate to audience] [CLICK SLIDE] Well, the Denver International Airport is the main subject of many strange and questionable anomalies that have brought up numerous conspiracy theories including these specific characteristics. a. Including myself, I would say the majority of everyone in this class has visited the Denver Airport at least once in their life. III. [Establish Credibility] I have been interested in this specific informative topic for a few reasons. b. Living in Colorado my whole life makes this particular conspiracy theory very interesting to me, which encouraged me to further aware myself of this topic. c. Therefore, I have done some research on this subject and I can tell you about the bizarre things included in this airport. IV. [Thesis & Preview] So, today I will tell you about the most important yet questionable features of the inside and outside of the Denver International Airport: including two of the main murals that were once inside, the airport layout and excavation outside, and the underground tunnel system. Signpost: First, let’s talk more about two of the main murals that used to be in the Denver Airport. Body

I. The most prominent features in the airport were once the murals. II....

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