Dental Personal Protection

Topics: Hygiene, Protection, Dentistry Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Communicate and work effectively in health. Objective 3.2

Wear personal protective equipment correctly according to organization requirements.

Personal protective equipment in dental work should be worn correctly, according to organization requirements. Personal protective equipment is important before, during and after all dental procedures. A high level of attention to personal protection is necessary to prevent injury or disease to patients, dental staff and their families. As a dental assistant it is my responsibility to ensure all personal protective measures are carefully carried out. It is important for the dental assistants to protect themselves against contact with the patient’s blood and saliva by using strict hygiene practices as well as protective equipment.

At the beginning of each day it is necessary for all dental assistants to be up to date with their personal hygiene. It is necessary to ensure their uniform is clean and ironed, hair is clean, neat and pined back off the face, they have removed all hand jewelry, their nails are short, neat, smooth and clean and they have covered all cuts and abrasions on their hands with waterproof dressing. This is a protective measure against possible leakage or seepage through the gloves. Hands should be washed thoroughly with a liquid hand wash for 10-15 seconds then rinsed under warm water for a further 10 seconds. Hands should then be patted dry with clean paper towel and the dental assistants must not touch the taps with their clean hands. They should use paper towel to touch the taps if necessary as paper towel acts as a protection between the hands and possible contamination. Dental assistants should wear clean, well fitted, closed in shoes. This is to protect against spills and also to provide good support to the feet during lengthy standing periods, to protect against injury. There should be no holes or punctures in the uniform or in the shoes. It is important for dental assistants to ensure...
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