Demonstrate understanding of customer service

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Demonstrate understanding of customer service.

1) Describe how their organisations service offer meets customer expectations.

In this particular type of industry it is impossible to offer some “service offers” that other companies may be able to offer. We can’t offer big sales, buy one get one free and other types of promotions that companies follow. The cost of materials keeps rising and in order to keep competitive we do only sell work at a fair price, not like some other double glazing companies where they price very high so that they can appear to offer the customer a one off special offer with a discount by bringing the price down. We like to remain fair at all times. Other types of service offers we do offer though are to do with 10 year guarantees against the windows and doors where we will replace or fix any issues that could occur free of charge.

2) Explain how their organisations service offer is affected by financial and other resource limitations.

The companies’ service offer could be affected by financial and other resource limitations because if we were hoping to give a ‘sale’ on windows and doors and there wasn’t a huge profit gap to start with for us to try this technique out then it would never be beneficial to us, we could ultimately end up losing money. As we are a fair company when it comes to pricing we never over charge or haggle on price, so certain offers wouldn’t really benefit us as a whole. Also, depending on how much money we put aside each year for marketing and promotions could affect the service offer too, as we wouldn’t be able to promote it as well as we would hope to.

3) Identify the impact that their organisations service offer may have on different People in the service chain.

We honour a satisfaction guarantee with our customers. If the windows or doors have an issue with them we will resolve it free of charge if it is under 10 years. This could have an effect on other people within our service chain by in some circumstances the supplier of a particular product will have to provide us with a replacement free of charge. There could be an issue with a panel we installed into a door, the customer will complain to us that it has cracked but we will go to the panel company and explain the situation and send evidence and then they will have to provide us with a replacement as they have to honour their guarantee to us.

4) Explain how customers form their expectations of the services or products.

Customer’s form their expectations by what we tell them and what they research themselves at home. We use a good profile window which is well known, the customer will be aware of this and can easily search the internet or read the brochures we will provide them with. Also customers form opinions on what they see, so we often take off cut sections for them to inspect and feel, along with photographs. We believe it is important to always make our customers happy so that we get good recommendations and this will always form expectations in customer’s minds.

5) Explain the importance of effective team work for the delivery of excellent customer service.

Without effective team work we would not have lasted in business for so long. We have to delegate jobs out effectively so time is never wasted. It is vital that we all communicate with each other regularly to make note of any possible issues that could occur on a job and to keep updated with how far along they are with a job so that I can keep the customer fully informed at all times.

6) Describe how customer service can contribute to best value in a public sector or third party sector.

It can contribute fairly similar with the public sector for example a school we have to honour our promise of a clean and tidy finish, making it safe and following all specifications and finishing on time and with third party we are usually dealing with a surveyor or main contractor where...
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