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At Hammonds we pride ourselves on trying to deal with all claims as quickly as possible. To avoid a delay to your claim please ensure we have the correct and complete information. To help validate your claim you will need to:

Read the following information to confirm you have a valid claim. If you do then you must:

Complete the attached form ensuring that the information you give us is as clear and complete as possible.
Supply photographs to show the issue(s) in order for the claim to be processed. Failure to send photographs will mean your claim will not be validated.

Our guarantee for bedroom and home office furniture goods.

For bedroom and home office furniture goods a 10-year guarantee period for all ranges ordered from 1 March 2009 with the exception of our Space range. For all bedroom and home office goods ordered before 1 March 2009 our guarantee is 5 years.

For our Space range and for all bedroom goods ordered before 1 March 2009 our guarantee is for a 5-year period.
Our guarantee covers defects in manufacturing or installation of the goods for 5 or 10 years (as set out above) after completion of the work.

The full wording of our guarantee is as follows:
We guarantee goods that we have supplied against defects in manufacturing or installation for 5 or 10 years after the completion of the work. This guarantee will only apply if:

i. You have properly cared for and used the goods and followed any instructions
provided by us, particularly in the case of gloss and high sheen furniture;

ii. You write to us as soon as is reasonably practicable after discovering a problem that
you wish to claim for under the guarantee;

iii. You do not move the goods without our prior written consent;

iv. You do not owe us any money under the contract.
If we cannot clearly determine the cause of the...
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