Democratic Constitution in South Africa: Struggle Against Apartheid

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Topic-Constitutional Design

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Democratic Constitution in South Africa:
Struggle against apartheid
 The racial discrimination against the blacks in South Africa brought about by the white minority groups came to be called as Apartheid.  Apartheid divided the people on the basis of their skin colour. Trains, buses, taxis, hotels, hospitals and schools were separate for whites and blacks.

 The African National Congress led by Nelson Mandela spearheaded the movement to end this discrimination.
 Due to pressure from world bodies in the 1980’s the discriminatory laws were repealed. Ban on political parties were lifted and after 28years of imprisonment Nelson Mandela walked out as a free man.

 In 1994 the policy of racial discrimination ended paving the way for a multi-racial government.
 After the emergence of the new democratic South Africa a new Constitution was drafted based on the principles of social justice, human rights and equality.
Define a Constitution and its function
 A constitution is a set of rules which are accepted by the people living together. It determines the relationship between the Government and the people.
 Constitution generates a degree of trust and coordination among people who live together.
 It specifies how the Government will be constituted.
 It lays down limits on the power of the government and lists out the right of the citizens.
 It expresses the aspirations of the people about creating a good society.
The path to Constitution
 The ideology and the process for drafting the Constitution started even before India’s Independence.

 In 1928 Motilal Nehru briefly stated the features for the Constitution of India after freedom.
 At the Karachi session of the Congress in 1931 the Indian National Congress dwelt on how independent India’s constitution should look like.
 Universal Adult franchise, right to freedom...
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