Democracy & Corruption

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Democracy And Corrupt Politicians

Democracy in India has the distinction of being world’s largest functioning democracy.Ever since her independence ,India has been living and developing through a democratic system of governance involving a self rule of the people.Till today they have been regularly using their rights to vote for electing & changing their government. Around 70 crore of people enjoy the right to vote and around 65%of them exercise their rights in elections. The organization of government by the directly elected representative of the people has been the rule of the Indian Democracy. Despite the presence of the multi party system, the government – making exercise has been always orderly and efficient. The change of one party-dominant multi party system into a real multiparty system and the transformation from a system of single majority-party rule to a coalition rule, has demonstrated the maturity and ability to the Indian Democracy to develop and change according to the demand of the environment. In fact the working of Democracy in India has been a success story, particularly when seen in comparison with several states like Pakistan, Bangladesh ,Indonesia and others in which military dictatorship has been dominating the political system by running façade or shame democracies.

The Preamble of the constitution of India after expressing faith in the sovereignty of” we the people” describe the five features of Indian State – Sovereign , socialist, secular Democratic republic. The

term Sovereign state, India is free to determine its internal and external policies and decision. As a socialist state India posits faith in social – economic and political justice equality and socio-economic development of all classes of people. As a secular polity India stands for absence of a State religion,no special status for any religion, Freedom of the people to follow any religion, individually or collectively and equal status of all religions. As a democratic republic India has firm faith in popular sovereignty , fundamental rights and freedom of the people ,equal political rights and opportunities for all people and their Organization .

The great thinkers spread ideas of democracy and freedom with a view to establishing a global welfare society. But then applied to life by the politicians,the great idea gave rise to corruption obstructing to equalization attempts.

Political Corruption is the misuse by the governmental powers for illegitimate, usually secret private gain makers societal institution totally corrupt. Corruption is a very serious social and societal evil and it cuts into mass welfare and equality of chances, particularly for have nots. Developed countries have fewer problems ,thanks to huge resources available. In developing nations having fewer resources the practice oframpant corruption harmed the common people.Corruption generates economic distortion in the public sector by diverting public investments into capital projects where bribes and kickbacks are more plentiful. Officials may increase the technical complexity of public sector projects to conceal or pave way for such dealings, thus further distorting investment.

“I would go to the length of giving the whole congress a decent burial, rather than put up with the corruption that is rampant.” This was the outburst of Mahatma Gandhi against rampant corruption in congress ministries formed under 1935 Act in six states in year 1937.The disciples of Gandhi how ever ignored his concern over corruption in post independence India, when they came to power. Over fifty years of democratic...
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