Centre State Relations

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Centre State Relations in India
In the Objective Resolution adopted on 22nd January 1947, the Constituent Assembly declared its firm and solemn resolve to make India an Independent Sovereign Republic, where the States shall possess and retain the status of autonomous units. By July 1947, the question of partition was resolved with the fulfillment of the demand for Pakistan. Hence, the provision for autonomy to the status was dropped in favour of a strong Centre. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, while speaking on the issues related to federation in the Constituent Assembly said, “Though India was to be federal, the federation was not result of agreement by the States to join federation. Not being the result of agreement no State has the right to secede from it.” Thus, the federal framework created by the Constituent Assembly provided for a strong Centre. In the Constitution, India is proclaimed as a ‘Union of States’ rather than as a federal State. The distribution of powers between the Union and the States makes them subordinate to the Centre. The Constitution has formally divided the legislative, administrative and financial powers between the Centre and the States. The legislative powers are distributed in three lists, viz. the Union list, the State list and the Concurrent list. The Union list gives the Centre the authority to act in matters of national importance which include defence, foreign affairs, currency and other areas of strategic importance related with the security of the country. The State list entrusts matters to the State which include law and order, local government, public health education, agriculture, economic and social planning among others. In the Concurrent list are the matters on which both the Centre as well as the States can make laws. Laws passed by the Parliament prevail over those matters which are passed by the State Legislatures. The Constitution provides that the executive power of every State shall be so exercised as to ensure compliance...
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