Demand and Supply Analysis

Topics: Supply and demand, Consumer theory, Price elasticity of demand Pages: 42 (13112 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Submitted for the partial fulfilment of requirement for BACHELOR OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS [BBM-IB] Degree Course under University of Pune

Prof. Shiji Balan Madam

T. Y. B. B. M. (I.B.)

I Pranav Shrikant Bansode acknowledge that it was a pleasure to make the project and work it out. I have done this project report as per the syllabus and activities mentioned in the subject Project for third year of Bachelor of Business Management in International Business under the control of University of Pune. I hereby announce that I subjectively studied and took all the information required, by the literature of the economics like reference books and internet. I also assure that all the true and real data is provided in this report considering all the factors there of. And I abide to all the decisions taken by examiner.

It is to certify that Pranav S. Bansode, a student of Third Year, Bachelor of Business Management in International Business, Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune in the academic year 2010-11. Has done the project report as per mentioned by University of Pune. He has done all the activities under my guidance and supervision. Hence this project is held valid.

[Head of the Department

Prof Shiji Balan
Project Guide

I would like to mention that this project had given me real fun while doing. As well as it has taught me the actual on the basis of which the economies run and manage. Going in detail and analysing the theories really helped me to get the concepts clear and to get detail knowledge of the subject. It also gave me the practical implications and applications of the theories. I would like to thank all the instrumental part of this project. I would like to thank Prof Shiji Balan Madam and Mrs. Bharati Upadhye madam who guided me in many ways and gave their fruitful time whenever I needed it. They also gave me direction in which these projects should be done and how it can be implemented by us. I would like to thank all those authors of the books. This gave us detail knowledge of different aspect of the subject. I would like to thank them for their support. I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me to do well and motivating me in each and every step of my academic and personal life. I am confident that this project report will give us a lot to analyse and implement in the real life when we will be actually doing a job. At last, I would like to give humble thanks to all those who helped me directly or indirectly to build this project.

Pranav S. Bansode

* Main Page
* Acknowledgement
* Certificate
* Preface
* Index

1. Introduction

2. Utility
a. Meaning
b. Characteristics
c. Measurement
d. Neo-Classical Utility Theory
e. Assumptions
f. Total and Marginal Utility
g. Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
h. Limitations
i. Importance

3. Demand
j. Meaning
k. Factors Affecting Demand
l. Individual and Market Demand
m. Changes in Demand
n. Law of Demand
o. Assumptions
p. Downward Slopping Demand Curve
q. Exceptions to the Law
r. Income Demand
s. Cross Demand
t. Demerit of Demand Theory

4. Elasticity of Demand
u. Meaning
v. Price Elasticity
w. Classification
x. Methods of Measurement
y. Income Elasticity
z. Classification
{. Cross Elasticity
|. Importance of Elasticity of Demand

5. Supply
}. Meaning
~. Factors Influencing
. The Law of Supply
. Exceptions
. The Elasticity of Supply
. Factors Influencing Elasticity of Supply...
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