Delocalized Nationalization Brings Desirable Curricular Changes for the Post-Handover Hk

Topics: Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, China Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: April 7, 2013
According to Lee(2008), after HK was returned to China in 1997, “the new HK government marked off its own reform agenda after the change of sovereignty”. And the background for the various reform emerging after that was complicated and multifaceted. But the motivation can be summarized into two categories, internationalization and nationalization. The internationalism aspect indicates the efforts made by education authorities to face “tremendous challenges posed by globalized economy”(education commission, 2000). while the nationalism aspect indicates efforts in including national identity elements in the curriculum, or more straightly, in make Hong Kongers accept that the identity of Chinese comes the first place. Talking about how “delocalized nationalization” takes place, I will first focus how “nationalization” takes place and then explain why it is described as “delocalized”. Firstly, the motivation is rather simple, which is to foster the national identity to HK citizens. Then comes several applications. The mentioned measures are as follows, 1 increase chinese elements in school subjects, including chinese thoughts and beliefs, national symbols, important achievements and so on. The Curriculum Development Institute also launched a working group to examine the result of it 2 many provision are stated in reform guides. In the document of Learning to Learn, “moral and civic education, to help students establish their values and attitudes” is listed among the four key learning tasks. And national identity is proposed among the five priority values in the moral and civic education curriculum guide(Lee, 2008). 3 promoting national identity outside the formal curriculum through exchange program for both teacher and students to mainland china.

These are the main concreteness of nationalization, including how it happens. But why is it described as “delocalized”? there are mainly 2 reasons. One is that the nationalization is a deliberate and artificial design...
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