Philippine Development Administration

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National development is defined as the ability of a country or countries to improve the social welfare of the people, by providing social amenities like quality education, potable water, transportation infrastructure, medical care etc. As a guide in planning the country’s national development, The Philippine Development Plan was formulated in accordance with the Constitutional provision of Section 9, Article VII, directing the Government’s economic and planning agency to implement a continuing integrated and coordinated programs and policies for national development. NEDA (National Economic and Development Authority) as the coordinator of the Philippine Development Plan is tasked to formulate development plans and ensure that the plan implementation will achieve the goal of national development. Upon the assumption of President Benigno S. Aquino III of the country’s leadership, he introduce government programs that is based on his Social Contract with the Filipino People (16 Point Agenda), wherein he articulated a commitment to transformational leadership, economic stability, institutional reform in government service, gender equality, peace and order and environment. President Aquino III as the leader of our country believes that the government and those running it must share in the values of transparency, personal and institutional integrity and, honesty and good governance. He believes that leaders must lead by example and most importantly we must have a concrete faith in the Filipino. The Social Contract envisions a country with an organized and shared rapid expansion the economy through a government dedicated in preparing and improving the people’s skills and energies as well as to get in control in using the natural resources. The Philippine Development Plan, come out into a comprehensive set of strategies, policies and programs and activities within a structure of inclusive growth that will translate the administration’s development agenda for the next six years that will comply in to the President’s Social Contract with the Filipino People. The Plan focuses on five key strategies. First, is to enhance competitiveness in the productive sectors to generate massive employment. Second, is to improve access to financing to address the needs of the public. Third, is to invest massively in infrastructure. Fourth, is to promote transparent and responsive governance. And fifth, is to develop human resources through improved social services and protection. These strategies will be supported by complementary action programs that focus on achieving a stable macroeconomic environment, ensuring ecological integrity, and advancing the peace process and guaranteeing national security.

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President Noynoy, in his 16-Point Agenda or the Social Contract with the Filipino stated this aims and principles that he believes in. Transformational Leadership is about repairing the damage done because of our democratic institution, improving the situation of our people and giving the young people an opportunity to improve by an educating system as the central strategy for investing people that can reduce poverty and build national competitiveness. And enabling government leap from patronage politics to a real development policy. Economy is about transforming anti-poverty, and pro-dole out mentality programs into really well thought of programs that build real capability and that creates opportunity for the poor and marginalized.The government must stop to treat people as an export commodity, no matter the social cost and President Aquino aims to transform that government into one that creates jobs at home. Government Service is about energizing our bureaucracy. The President believes that we must move from presidential appointments that are based on political accommodation into judgement and selection of the most competent civil servants who can serve the public good. Gender Equality is...
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