Decision Modelling Assignment

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Data Analysis and Decision Modelling
Decision Modelling Assignment

Golf Course Design
Paradise Palm Golf Club
Golf Course Design is based on a specific planning horizon, such as holes, types and acreage. Golf Course Design models are use a method which is show us how many different types of the holes to build based on player entertainment, so the subject need to have some limitations. The new golf couse needs to configure to maximise golfer enjoyment and meet the town’s needs. A goling hole is a section of a golf course. Each hole comprises an area called the tee from which golfers start each hole. The number of holes are required to suitable varies types. It is depended on a limitation total acreage problem for players.

Decision: how many holes of the different types to build based upon player enjoyment, subject to certain limitations?

Objective: Maximize player enjoyment index.

Define the dicision variables.
P1: Straight par 5= number of holes of Straight par 5 to build P2: Dogleg par 5= number of holes of Dogleg par 5 to build
P3: Straight par 4= number of holes of Straight par 4 to build P4: Dogleg par 4= number of holes of Dogleg par 4 to build
P5: Long par 3= number of holes of Long par 3 to build
P6: Short par 3= number of holes of Short par 3 to build
P7: clubhouse and park: acres= 2

Identify the objective function.
The Golf Course is planning to get a maximal enjoyable index when their member playing golf. So, the enjoyable index is objective function. Enjoyability index= 2 Num.Straight par 5 + 1.5 Num. Dogleg par 5 + 1.5Num. Straight par 4+ 2 Num. Dogleg par 4+1.75 Num.Long par 3+2.25 Num.Short par 3

Identify the constraints
We can see there is a limitation problem for the total acreage of holes from the information. Therefore, we have the constraints: Holes acreage: total holes’acreage cannot higher and lower than the amount of available acreages. The problem of total par has limitation which is:...
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