Decision Making Paper

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Decision-Making Paper

Decision-Making Paper
It is not uncommon for people to have to make a decision on a daily basis, and this includes within the workplace. This paper will discuss the group decision-making process and then I will identify one successful as well as one unsuccessful experience that involved group decision making. After these examples I will then discuss the factors that affected the group’s overall effectiveness, drawing from concepts from the text. When making decision it is not like there is not things involved for one to draw to their decision, one might not realize that this is a process, and that it is done every day; several times a day. According to the text the definition of decision making “is the process of choosing a course of action to deal with a problem or opportunity”. This is used among teams or groups, as well as individuals and the process includes five steps; this is also known as the “rational decision model”. Teamwork is important for all work environments in order to be successful. When a group works together to make a decision it’s likely to not be a successful experience every time, but lessons can be learned from every decision made. Group decision-making process

The first step in the decision making process would be to define the problem. During this stage information is gathered and the guidelines are put into place as to identify specifically what the group needs to accomplish out of the problem or opportunity being resolved. It is important for the group to make sure that the problem is understood completely and that all members of the group are informed the same and on the same level. The second step is to analyze alternatives forms of action; during this stage the group must know what other alternatives might be available for the problem or opportunity and what the forecasted consequences for the benefits and costs. The group must be clear as to what they need to know...
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