Topics: Deception, Truth, Personal life Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The very main problem that the world is facing today is deception. People everywhere try to live life in the things they call for themselves happiness. Some live their lives on the killings that their crushes, and puppy love, also known as infatuation which they really believe as love. Sad to say, many of them suffer from headaches, emotional, social, and psychological problems, and some even experience traumatic events and depression which lead to suicide. How tragic that deception is.

The victims of such problem are afflicted by deception which they thought at the first place is the way to find true hapiness, freedom and love. But in the bigger view of the whole picture of the situation, it's a simple deceit that ruins your life, condemns and bonds you into slavery of sin and emotional, psychological, and social problems.

Some are even into premarital sex because of what they thought love, acceptance, affection, freedom and happiness. But these are all false because this is immoral, a deceit by the devil which will ruin, steal, and destroy your dignity and life. Sad to say many individuals and even popular ones are engaging in this iniquity leading thousands of people especially the young ones to follow what they are doing. And then they reasoned, "It's my freedom, this is freedom. I'm born this way." But actually this is not freedom at all for it bonds you into your own lust until you find urself worthless and dirty, manipulated and abused but cannot stop it because of an inexplainable manner hidden by what we say pleasure.

Some are deceived by money, luxurious living, and selfish ambitions, too. They try to live their lives in a non-stop earning money in every seconds of their lives and spending it with their selfish plans and in someways, are forced to help other people building foundations to have a discount on tax. Some are so greed in money and power and are so arrogant and that they're always seeking for power and fame. And in the near...
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