Ericsson's Essay 'The Ways We Lie Finally'

Topics: Lie, Deception, Truth, Morality, Ethics, Human / Pages: 3 (559 words) / Published: Sep 8th, 2017
Rick Riordan once said, “Humans see what they want to see”. These words told by Rick Riordan relate to the topic of delusion. Delusion has been just one of the many ways we lie. Other lies include omission, white lies, dismissal, facades, and groupthink, but delusion is the worst.According to, delusion is defined as a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact. This type of lie can be very harmful to the liar and the person that is being lied to. Delusion is the worst way to lie because one can hurt himself/herself, one can hurt other’s thinking, and one can become distant from reality.
Delusion can cause one to hurt himself/herself, or in this case the liar. In the essay, The Ways We Lie
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One’s deluded thinking can cause them to be distant. Delusion can turn one's life from being able to speak and trust others to a life where that person can only trust himself/herself. One's mind will adjust itself to the point where it will only let one see what it wants to present as the truth. As Ericsson stated, “Delusion uses the mind’s ability to see things in myriad ways to support what it wants to be the truth” (Ericsson 477). Delusion will just continue to mess with the liar's mind and the real truth. This could seriously make one not want to associate with others that might contradict his/her beliefs. Furthermore, this lie can really distant one from reality and even from the ones they love.
As you read, you learned how delusion can hurt the liar and the people that are being lied to. Ericsson wrote about about many types of lies, but delusion is the worst out of all them. Delusion is a lie that can cause damage to about anyone, not just the liar. It affects one's mind and confuses them to believe in things that are not true. All in all, delusion is the worst because it can make you hurt yourself, hurt other people’s thinking, and it can distant you from

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