Kesa and Morito

Topics: Love, Blindness, Question Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Kesa and Morito

Akutagawa’s emphasis on immoral motives is shown through Morito’s lust for Kesa. Morito is unsure of his love foe Kesa. He finds it to be a lie. He thinks he only wants her passionately. Kesa thinks she is shamed. She feels she doesn’t deserve her husband. Immoral motives make purity and truth hidden. It blinds ethical thinking and makes you make bad choices. Morito questions his love for Kesa. He questions whether it is a lie or truth. “Now I ask myself anew, Do I really love her?”(pg.84). In this quote it shows his uncertainty. His lust for her makes him question his feelings. In this case lust took over his life and hides what he really feels. Kesa feels Morito’s motives have shamed her. She feels that she doesn’t deserve anything in life. She feels she has to die to do the right thing. “That, as it were, set free at once all the evil spirits lurking under cover of my joy(pg.92)”. In this quote it shows that dying of this immoral thing will set her free. She feels it is her duty and responsibility to end this. She is more worried about how it shames her. The lust also blinds her from everything important. Both Kesa and Morito have been blind by lust. Their love for one another has been hidden. Morito feeds for lust, so in return he hates Kesa for it. “And yet, and yet, it may be because I love her (pg. 88)”. This shows how all the questioning and thinking went past this lust. He broke through and figured out the truth. “I can love only one man. And that very man is coming to kill me tonight (pg.93)”. This shows Kesa’s real feelings for Morito. Past all the immoral values, hatred, and blindness, they shared a deep love for one another. Thus, immoral motives could lead to blindness, hatred, and lies. We learned a dirty little secret to nothing but heart ach. The truth was hidden by lust. Immoral motives can lead a person to bad fates. In the end they hide the pure truth that lies in their hearts.
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